I am an interior architect and for the last few years I have been successfully designing various interior and exhibition projects.

In my work it’s important to me to create cozy and practical space, both in commercial and individual projects. With my experience, knowledge and commitment I am able to fulfill the highest expectations that a designer can face.

magda wagner projektantka wnetrz warszawa

This is how I work

I focus on the quality, I pay attention to details and well thought concepts are the essence of the solutions which I propose. I appreciate tailor-made designs, i.e. adjusted to the needs, features and character of a particular client. I consider the creative approach and precise understanding of the client’s personal expectations as an essential part of my work.


I gained my experience mainly through working in the interior design studio in Warsaw, and in an exhibition company operating not only in Poland, but also accepting orders from many European companies. In spite of several years of experience and many implemented projects, I still feel satisfaction while working on every new project or task.

Education and skills

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the interior design department. From the very beginning I was determined to design functional exhibitions and stands, which is why I chose Exhibition Study as my major.

For my everyday work, I mainly use 3D programs like: 3dsMax, SketchUp. One of my personal favorites is InDesign. I enjoy improving my competences by participating in trainings and learning new programs.

Interiors Stands

In my free time

My passion for painting portraits is based on observation. Reading a person is not only about observing the face, but also analyzing the whole human being. I’m always looking for the right interpretation of my model, trying to portray the accurate emotions.


If you are interested in cooperation, please e-mail me at: mwmw@op.pl or call: 605 401 543, I will be more than happy to meet with you.